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What if your sales team were Masters at generating leads, building relationships and exploding their own sales?

Yet I’m guessing if you’re reading this blog post, your sales team needs some help, am I right?

It must be difficult. Watching your sales team putting in all that effort and still not producing the goods..

But hey, at least you’re thinking the right way and asking the correct questions..

So where can you get sales training?

In one sense, the issue isn’t where will you get sales training. A better question would be who do you know, like and trust that will be able to deliver the results you need?

Assuming you don’t want to do the training yourself, are you going to go cheap and hope your Sales Trainer can carry the room or are you going to go expensive and hope your Sales Team can step up to the plate and produce?

Here are the five questions you must ask to ensure you’re going with the right company..

1. Does your Sales Trainer have any Kindle Books in their name?

2. Does your Sales Trainer have any YouTube videos online?

3. Does your Sales Trainer have a Podcast on ITunes?

4. Does your Sales Trainer have any written, audio or video testimonials from a company that he/she has helped?

5. Does your Sales Trainer have a no win – no fee clause in his business?

Why am I asking you to think about these questions?

I’m asking you to think about these questions because the world of sales and selling has changed.

It is no longer enough to know the sales process inside out.

Any Sales Trainer worth his salt will either already have or currently be working on online courses, Kindle books, YouTube videos and Podcasts.

On top of that, he/she will be getting themselves up to speed with the latest Internet tools and services and doing some great stuff on Social Media.

So there you go. You now have an understanding of where you should go for your Sales Training.

If everything goes well, your Sales Team will become Masters of their own destiny. If not, you’ll need to bite the bullet and hire someone else.

I hope this helps.