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So what’s the story of today?

Today has been about creating an intro and outro for future YouTube videos, writing a video script and creating a Keynote presentation.

The reason for that?

I was awake until 2am watching some incredible videos by Chris Reed of Compelling TV.

Videos are important from a marketing perspective for any brand new business. Mike Griffin Sales Training is no different.

Yet videos are notoriously difficult to make. My previous foray into the world of YouTube videos would show you that.

I wanted to make screencapture videos and speak off the cuff as I was doing them. I spent countless hours in the editing room trying to get them right but often to no avail.

So I thought after listening to Professional Video Maker Chris Reed, I’d give it another go.

The intro and outro branding video was far easier than I thought. After only a few minutes at the computer, I was done.

Here it is:

The video script flowed and I am amazed at the results.

The video script is below:


“Hi Mike, I’m struggling to keep up with the latest information coming out of my industry, is there a quick and easy way to do that?”



[Frustrated Man]

If you’re struggling to keep up with the latest information coming out of your industry, keep watching this video.



[] + [sign in]

Open your web browser and type in and then sign in using your Google account.

[Screen Capture]

Type your industry into the search box and then click “show options.”

[as it happens] + [once a day] + [once a week]

Click how often you want to receive your industry information from Google. You can choose between as it happens, at most once a day and at most once a week.


Click on the sources dropdown box and choose what types of content you’d like to receive.

[automatic] + [blogs] + [news] + [web] +

+ [books] + [discussion] + [finance]

Choose between automatic which means every type of content, blogs, news, web, video, books, discussion and finance.


Choose the location you’d like to receive the information from or leave it at the default setting, “any region.”

[email] + [rss feed]

Choose only the best results and whether you want the information delivered to your email or an rss feed.

I always go for the rss feed option. Keep watching and I’ll tell you why.


Click create alert, click the rss feed icon and copy the url in your web browser.


Go to and login with either your Google account, your Facebook account or by setting up a Feedly account.


I’m going to use my Google account to sign in. Allow permissions and then paste the copied feed into the search box.

[google alerts]

Click Google Alerts when it appears in the search box, click add content and then + Feedly.


Click the pencil, title your collection, click “new collection and enter a memorable collection name. Click close.

[cog] + [title only] + [magazine style] + [card style] + [full articles] + [feeds]

Click the settings cog at the top hand right of the page and choose between title only, magazine style, card style, full articles and grouped by feeds.

[Sony z3] + [Iphone 6s]

Download the Feedly app on your mobile phone and sign in.  Now you can access your industry’s latest information whenever you have a few minutes, wherever you are.


If you have more problems like this, go to I’d love to help you further. Until the next time.


So what was the most difficult part of today?

Creating the Keynote presentation!

How hard can it be to create 15 Keynote slides with builds and animations?

Yet I am still not finished.

So look out for the video tomorrow now.

There will be two.

The audio is done. I just need to screencapture the content and export the slides with the builds, animations and timings intact.

So what about you?

Do you use Video Marketing in your business? How effective are those videos in generating leads, cultivating relationships and exploding Sales?

Do you have any tips to speed up the video making process?

Leave a comment please. It would be great to hear from you..

Best Wishes,