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That’s better..

After yesterday’s six hour battle with Keynote, today has gone the way I absolutely wanted it to go..

It only took me twenty minutes to find and use the background music, to add the intro and outro branding and to edit the timings of each element.

Have a look at the finished Keynote video below:

Half an hour later, the screencapture version of the video was also complete.

Screencapture allows the user to record their screen as they take the necessary steps to complete a task.

Set up a mic, show a webcam, choose an HD video size and then open a web browser to every page/tab required to record an “over the shoulder” video.

Practice the steps a couple of times and then hit the record button.

The screencapture version of the video is only possible because of an incredible piece of software for the Mac.

Thanks Screenflow!

You can watch the finished screencapture video below:

The last video of the day was a second attempt at Google Hangouts with Lana Morris, Colour Coach on

Lana wanted to put some “social share” buttons on her WordPress website so that her visitors could share her content.

The full Google Hangout is below:

So what have I learnt today?

I’ve learnt that it’s easier to make an “over the shoulder” screencapture video than to spend six mind-numbing hours producing a Keynote slide presentation.

I’ve learnt that Google Hangouts is an incredible little tool to encourage me to speak to the online world with a new found confidence.

Oh and I’ve learnt that I still need to create content faster than I’m doing at present, but the increase in my own productivity in just a week is AMAZING!

So which of the three videos did you prefer?Which of the three did you find more helpful?Do you have tips on how I can improve my video making?

Best Wishes,