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Think Video Voiceovers, Podcasts and Audiobooks Anytime You Feel The Need..

Do you want to record audios? Would you like audios on your website? Would you like your Super Fans to buy your audiobook by the end of June 2016? How would you like to use Audacity? It’s FREE!

Not sure how to do it?

Let me show you how.


how-to-use-audacity1. Go to your browser and type in Go to the left hand sidebar and choose your computer’s operating system. You will either choose Windows or Mac.

2. Download the latest version for your operating system and read the installation instructions. Install the how-to-use-audacityprogram. Open the program and connect your headset. I recommend the Logitech H390 headset.You can buy them on Amazon for £24.

3. Adjust your microphone levels so that there’s no distortion and then click File and then New.

4. Click the red record button, wait 5 seconds and count down 3, 2, 1. Start speaking at a slightly slower rate than normal and make sure there’s how-to-use-audacityplenty of intonation. Start each sentence high and finish it low. If you make a mistake, count 3, 2, 1 and record the same sentence again. Continue speaking. Don’t stop. Press stop to finish the recording.

5. To edit the recording, listen to the recording. If you have made a mistake, left click where the mistake section starts, click the play or space bar and click stop where the mistake finishes. Left click and drag your how-to-use-audacitymouse to the beginning of the mistake. Hit backspace or delete.

6. To clean up your audio, click dropdown arrow and split the stereo track down to mono. Delete the bottom track. Double click on the remaining track so it goes grey.

7. Click effect, compressor and then ok. Click effect, equalization, select curve and then bass boost. Click Leveller and then ok. Highlight the first 5 how-to-use-audacityseconds of your track, click effect, get noise profile. Double click so that all of the track turns grey, click effect, noise removal and then ok. Click effect, normalize and then ok. Edit the spaces out of your track. You are now ready to export your recording.

8. To export your recording, click file, export and type in a file name. Choose your format, skip the metadata details and click ok. how-to-use-audacity

You now have your completed recording.

So do you see the value of audacity in your business? When are you going to make your first recording? What is it going to be about?

Leave a comment and scroll to the top of the page and leave your name and email address please..

Best Wishes,