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How would you like to own a website with incredible content?

I would.

I want to create Ebooks, audiobooks, Videos, Podcasts and Webinars to help Salespeople generate leads, cultivate relationships and explode their own personal sales and today I have gone “live” on a Google Hangout for the first time.

I joined Lana Morris, Colour Coach on for an incredible hour where we talked about creating categories on our websites, how to find content keywords and how to separate audio from our YouTube videos.

I have to say that Google Hangouts is nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be to use. Within five minutes, I was jabbering away like a pro. The nerves had disappeared and I was able to concentrate on the content we were screensharing with each other. Surprising really when we were live broadcasting to the world.

Yes there were challenges. Of course there were.

Lana shared her screen with me and showed me how to set up categories so that my website visitors could have a positive experience on my site.

She then asked me to copy her. I spent 5 minutes explaining the steps I was taking on my website and congratulated myself when I hit the final “save menu” button.

It was only on watching the video back, (Google Hangouts records straight into a YouTube channel) that I realised I’d forgotten to share my screen!

I then tried to separate the audio from the Google Hangout so that we’d have at least some form of content to show for our time but the video was too long! (20 mins is the maximum allowed.)

I learnt so much about creating content today and I can now see myself using Google Hangouts regularly.

It really is an incredible experience.

I’m now thinking of using Hangouts to deliver training and to interview Industry experts.

What about you?

Have you used Google Hangouts before? How did you find it? How much did you enjoy the experience? Have you got any tips on how to create quality content quickly and easily?

Leave a comment please, I’d love to hear your story..

Best Wishes,