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 39 Ways On How To Generate New Leads?

How To Generate New Leads

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Are you struggling to find new customers? Is your appointment diary gathering dust on your desk? Do you want to learn how to generate new leads?

In my 30 year sales career, I have tried numerous methods to attract customers and clients. Cold calling using local directories and existing customer data, mailshots, flyers and even the latest industry fad, “lumpy mail.”

But which method was the most successful?

In terms of results, by far the most successful model was talking to my already happy customers about REFERRALS!


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Mark Hunter writes in his brilliant article, “How To Generate Leads – Try This:”

“Generating sales leads is not the sole responsibility of the marketing department.

For many salespeople, if they had to wait for marketing to generate leads, they would wind up suffering a slow death.

The problem is how to generate leads.  For many salespeople this is one of the biggest problems they deal with.

Salespeople all know the power of referrals from existing customers and how these can be some of their best leads.   Unfortunately, too few salespeople have a plan to get referrals on an ongoing basis from their customers.

A lead generation strategy I recommend for use with existing customers is what I call the “3 Blitz Referral/Lead Strategy.”

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So how do you want to generate leads? Examining your personality and reflecting on past experience, which of the three scripts would work for you?

how-to-generate-leadsJust expect to generate leads over time. It would be incredible to have customers and clients flowing into your pipeline but the world of Sales and Marketing doesn’t often work like that.

It’s about building relationships so that your contacts can get to know, like and trust you. It’s about playing the long game and the second article below has been chosen  for that reason.

Play the long game


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Don’t expect to generate leads right away. It doesn’t work like that. You often have to build lasting relationships before you can win any work. I personally spent a whole year talking to someone online before they finally approached me to provide marketing for them. Be patient, play the long game and don’t expect work from anyone right away. If work is all you’re interested in, people will be able to smell your desperation a mile off and it will send them running in the opposite direction. Remember, business is about people. Read our tips on how to charm and win people over. Read More..

After reading the above article, be aware that when starting a new business, it’s easy to appear desperate to potential clients and customers. how-to-generate-leadsYou will therefore need to think very carefully on how you will generate new leads into your business. It is about attracting new prospects to work with you not see them head off into the hills at breakneck speed!

So the only way to look after your prospects is to provide radical solutions to their perceived problems and take the time to build the know, like and trust factor.

The question is what is the best way to do this?

Read the following article by Creativeboom as it has the solution to the problem when it tells you to continually seek to share your expertise.

Share your expertise

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A great way to generate new leads is to share your expertise and become an ‘industry expert’. Write ‘top tips’ or tutorial articles for your own website or even consider pitching article ideas to leading online magazines. With any content you produce, get talking about all the things that matter to your own industry. Don’t be afraid to get out there and pitch yourself as an industry expert. Read More..

After reading the above article, do you accept your responsibility to show others how you can help them? Can you see the importance of producing articles, newsletters, downloadable PDF’s, worksheets and checklists?

I do hope so.

But where will you share this content?

Share your content on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Youtube and organise live events such as Google Hangouts and webinars.

Have a look at the following article to understand more..

Internet / E-Commerce

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In this digital age, the Internet is the most essential element in business communication. It is widely used for gathering information about literally everything. Hence, it is really important to promote your business online. A good website will maximise your exposure, make sure it doesn’t look old-fashioned or outdated. The site has to be attractive, informative and easy to navigate.

You can also promote yourself on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. Webinars are an inexpensive way to get your message to thousands of potential customers. At the end of the webinar, you can ask the attendees to visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, like your Facebook page and other call to actions that you desire. Read More..


So there you go. Three incredible articles that will show you how to generate new leads.

You’re not on your own. Curating this blog post has left me with questions too. After reading Mark’s post, I’m left with the thought of how do I want to generate leads? Examining my personality and reflecting on past experience, swapping the first two points around would work better for me.

I’m going to work with the “3 Blitz Referral/Lead Strategy”, swap the first two points around and monitor its effectiveness. I’ll feed back to you when I can come to a firm conclusion as to what works, why it works and what extra steps I can take to improve my performance.

I am also aware that I have a responsibility to share my expertise with those that need my help. I am therefore going to concentrate over the next few months on building an online content library. I will be writing articles, creating ebooks, recording podcasts and producing YouTube videos and webinars.

Lastly for today, I need to understand what a dynamic marketing platform looks and feels like. Oh and I need to become more active across the social media platforms too!

One thing’s for sure, it will be an incredibly exciting journey!

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