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If you’re reading this page, I know three things about you.

1. Your Company sales figures are not where you’d like them.
You need to improve them FAST!

2. You’re not getting time to do what you enjoy most. You want to change that.

3. You’re not spending time with the people you love. You want to reconnect with them before they forget your face.

If any of the above statements resonate with you, then you are in the right place.

Everything you want to achieve comes down to saying YES to Sales Training.

So saying YES to Sales Training is a very good start.

Yet most small business owners misunderstand the difference between Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Sales Mentoring and Sales Counselling.

Sales Training

Sales Training is ideal for new starters who have not yet grasped the intricacies of your sales process.

It is not for your highly experienced salespeople or for those that have been working with you for some time.

Yet for your new employee, Sales Training gets them off to the strongest possible start.

You can find out more about Sales Training here.

Sales Coaching

Conversely, Sales Coaching works for those that have been through your Sales Training programme.

It is not for your beginners or for your company high-flyers. It is for your under-performing salespeople struggling to hit their targets.

You can find out more about Sales Coaching here.

Sales Mentoring

Sales Mentoring is for those exceeding your expectations.

You want to invest in them so that they will make an even greater difference to your company and it’s future.

You can find out more about Sales Mentoring here.

Sales Counselling

Sales Counselling falls at the other end of the coaching spectrum.

Your salesperson is dealing with problems in his life and needs some practical/emotional help to get him back to his high-performing best.

You can find out more about Sales Counselling here.

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Have a brilliant day,

Best Wishes,

Mike Griffin
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